Mardi 10 novembre 2 10 /11 /Nov 10:35
I stopped updating this blog about two months ago to create a new one hosted by Nibblebit. I thought this host wouild be  more reliable, easier to administer , more this and more that...  it finally turned out that Nibblebit isn't devoid of defects, but, since one cannot chage host every week or month, I decided to stay  with them, knowing that others hosts might not be any better.

But ... (there's always a "but")
Last week-end all the gay blogs  (and perhaps others, i dont know)  hosted by Nibblebit were deleted for reasons that I cannot clearly understand.   I'm proud to say Blond Twinks  was having a fair share of success , but hours and hours of painstaking work have disappeared and are are now wasted. My blog wasn't  destroyed because of any  special and  patent flaws, problems, shortcomings etc it exhibited,  and you can understand how furious I feel...This reminds me so much of Blogger which is notorious for  deleting blogs without any prior notice.

Well,  what to do now?
I may decide to re-build a new blog , with Nibblebit or with another host. I'll think about it... In the mean time, I'm going to revive this "old" blog, perhaps on a temporary basis and on a fairly small scale.
I'm back... Welcome to all of you.

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