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I've posted this set, not because the lads are particularly cute or hot, but because it reminds me of  my  first wanking party.
I was about 13 then, and,  with two friends about my age, we went camping alone. We didn't go very far, the tent  had been pitched in the back garden of the house of one of them, but it was the first time i was camping  and probably  ( i'm not sure though) also the first time i was without my parents.
 With three young lads, it's easy to imagine that  things  quickly got hot and we  began wanking. Now, until that day I had wanked either alone or occasionally with only one pal ( but always each one wanking himself, never wanking the other)  But that night it was different and we had a kind of wanking party, i wanked the second, who wanked the tihrd, who int turn  serviced me. How great! How unforgettable! Even so many years after  i think i can still feel my pal's hand on my cock!!!

You too, certainly have memories of your early (or not so early sex years). Please don't hesitate to share them with us.
Right here... right now...

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